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Welcome to our AI demo website

On this page you find examples of AI applications.

You have to sign in to test the applications. The reason account creation is required, because the APIs the applications are connected to are costly, and we restrict the number of requests per user.

Account creation is free, and you can make 50 requests per day. This is enough to have a nice conversation in the different chats.

If you want to test some more and want to reduce the request limit, contact us here.

To read more about this website here, and learn more about LLMs here.

Group of people in front of a skyline at night

This chatbot is configured to answers questions about arbitrary topics. No contextual information is passed in a pre-promt.

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Foto of Jakob and Elva

Chatbot that talks about the Breidert's family. Configured with minimal information.

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Team photo of the Icelandic handball national team

Chatbot that talks about the Icelandic handball team. The configuration contains a lot of personal information about the players.

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Photo of theater stage

Chained chatbots. The first extracts date and location, the second recommends events based on the extracted data.

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Photo of 1xINTERNET team on the beach in Spain

Chatbot that talks about corporate culture at 1xINTERNET based on blog posts from the website.

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Luftaufnahme Insel Mainau

Auf dieser Seite finden Sie einen deutschen Chatbot, der über Blumen von der berühmten Insel Mainau im Bodensee sprechen kann.

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Screenshot of Baddy and Jens session description at E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2024

On this page you find a chatbot that talks about our session at the E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2024.

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Man in suit adding post it to a pin board

Chat assistant to create the perfect user story. The bot asks you a series of questions and generates a user story for you.

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Woman speaking with service agent

Chat assistant that collects information about customer complaints.

Can be used to create more engaging user CTAs.

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Chatbot der Desserts vorschlägt.

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Photo of participants on the event "Zukunftstag Mittelstand"

KI-Chatbot, der Auskunft über den Zukunftstag Mittelstand 2024 liefert.

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